Conveyor Systems

MFL Conveyors solution can help you increase your ROI through custom conveying systems customized to your requirements and needs.
With cutting edge system designs, world-class service, and the best distributors in the business, MFL Conveyors gets your production line moving faster … and moving smarter

Tanks, Vessels & Silos

Metal Formings stainless steel mixing tanks are custom designed to suit every detail required by the customer. There are many options to consider which Metal Formings work through with the customer and assist in finalizing the best design for your process requirements.

Beam-less Road Tanker

For liquids transportation tankers of various capacities are mounted on the beams of the truck chassis which makes the outfit unstable due to high center of gravity. It causes rollovers particularly on road turns and uneven road berms.

Ice Cream Mould

The technological precision it requires and aesthetic finesse it deserves can only be accomplished if you are passionate about precision engineering. We can produce custom designed Ice Lollies of various geometries. SS 316 mould diameters up to 3.6 meters and 4,000 pockets can be handled at our fabrication studios.

Material Handling Solutions

Material handling can easily be mishandled if the task is not conveyed properly and precisely so your business continuity is uninterrupted. MFL has designed and manufactured hundreds of different material handling solutions for raw material and finished product conveying, grading, sizing, product organization, weighing and baking. Automation and control services through PLCs, sensors, alarms and counters are also provided in bundled turnkey projects.

Other projects