Fabrication Shop

1Fabrication Shop1
2D.C submerged arc welding machine22
3A.C & D.C welding sets, generators 4
4TIG & MIG welding sets 1
5Plasma cutter S.S. up to 20 mm1
6Plasma cutter up to 32 mm 6
7Gas cutting sets1
8Air compressor 40 H.P1
9Hydro-static pressure test equipment2
10Cut off machines4
11Angle grinders of different sizes52
12Chain blocks of different capacities 12
13Over head crane 10 tons 1
14S.S. tank polishing machine 1
15Sheet rolling machine up to 1 inch5
16Circle cutting machine4
17Hand drill machine 10
18Pedestal nibbling machine 4
19Pedestal grinders2
20Fork Lifter 1
21Automatic Mig welding machine1
22Shrink removing M/C (Seam press)1
23Bending press 14 feet 1
24D.C. Submerged arc welding M/C2
25Automatic punching machine1
26Spot welding machine3
27Folding machine6
28Diesel generator 100 KVA1
29Over Head crane 20 ton1
30Moveable crane1

Press Shop

1Hydraulic Press 300 tons2
2Hydraulic Press 150 tons2
3Hydraulic Press 70 tons2
4Power Press 80 tons2
5Power Press 40 tons2
6Hydraulic press 20 Ton2
7Base bending machine2
8Hydraulic sheer press1
9Circular cutter1
10Forging press1
11Trimming machine1

Machine Shop

1Radial Drilling Machine (4 ft bed length) 1
2Capstan Lathe machine (Semi automatic.) 1
3Lathe machine up to 6 feet6
4Programmable turret lathe machine 1
5Heavy duty lathe machine 14 feet1
6Heavy duty lathe M/C 40 feet 1
7Milling machines2
8Shaper machines2
9Pedestal drilling machine5
10Bench grinders6